The Saska's Coin

Introducing a limited edition piece of memorabilia, inspired by 65 years of hand-cut steaks, swanky dining, and quality cocktails.

Redeemable for

House wine, well cocktail, or beer for $1

Congratulations – you’ve found history.

Displayed here is a special Saska’s memento. Inspired by the San Diego Trolley tokens of the 1950s, this is an homage to the “good old days” of Saska’s, and a worthy representation of our status as a Mission Beach institution.

How It Works


Coins are earned, and the only way to win them is to follow Saska’s on social media.


You can hold onto the coin as a keepsake to commemorate the rich history of Saska’s and the Mission Beach neighborhood.


If you see an offer you can’t refuse, you can turn in the coin to Saska’s and redeem the offer. Fair warning: the offer changes regularly, so choose wisely.

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